Is Getting Dental Implants Right For Me?

Feeling conflicted about having to make the decision between dentures and dental implants for replacing teeth you may be losing in an upcoming extraction at the dentist’s office? Sure, this can definitely seem like a nerve-wracking experience if you have never been through it before, but you will be glad you made the decision when you are able to eat and smile again after your teeth are removed.

Your options are pretty much only limited by your budget, as most dentists and oral surgeons offer a good deal of the same services at different prices. You should also keep in mind that implants will take a good deal more recovery time than dentures if you choose them, so you have a few things you need to be seriously thinking about when making this decision.

Making the Choice Easier

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Your main deterrents when it comes to dental implants might be the longer recovery time and the overall cost, so let’s break both of these down so you know what to expect should you go the route of dental implants instead of dentures for replacing your missing teeth.

Overall cost: While dentures are usually the preferred solution for people who are losing all of their teeth since they are such a cheaper option, you should remember that if you aren’t losing all of your teeth, you won’t have to pay so much for implants. Although one implant is still considerably more expensive than an entire set of dentures ($3000 for an implant vs $650 for dentures), it will be a much less expensive investment if you only having one or two teeth pulled.

The recovery time: Don’t forget that when you elect to receive dental implants, you are also signing up for quite a lengthy recovery time, which can usually be three or more months and take several visits to the oral surgeon to complete. Make sure you can take time off from work so you can safely recover and heal up when your procedure is complete.

If you can handle both of these things, then dental implants could be a very viable solution for you. When you’re ready, look up the best dental implants milwaukee offices so you can get an appointment booked to discuss your options with a specialist.